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Turnkey Solutions For Sugar Plants & Refineries

Despite David against Goliath scenario in the international market, we are always agile and ready to take challenges to prove our mettle o this platform because we know deep down that our sincerity, dedication towards work, state of the art technology will never let us down in delivering the right solutions to our customers. Our Single Drum boilers are designed for Express Delivery, Efficient performance and long life cycle with Least Maintenance & Down Time. Every time we have set a new bar of excellence in sugar and ci0-gen industry. Continuing our envious success in international market, we are expecting one of the world's largest Biomass fired boiler of 250 TPH Capacity working at Steam pressure of 67 Bar at 500C for Ruampol Bio Power Company Ltd. in Thailand.

The success story has another endeavour under execution is 6 Roller Mill of Size /O/ 55" x Length 110" for Kaste Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Company Limited, Thailand which is the world's largest Sugar Factory and our mill will be the largest ever designed, manufactured and executed by any Indian Company.

Hi-Techs engineering is a house for single window solution to most modern energy efficient fully automated sugar plants and sugar refineries. Services for a sugar project are offered right from concept to commissioning. While designing the plant most modern and future perfected user friendly technologies are integrated. High efficiency cane milling engineering practices and energy efficient boiling house coupled with high performing single drum boilers contribute to most effective use of raw material and topnotch end products complying to market demand.

Plants are custom built to meet client’s requirements in conjunction with local conditions and logistics. Highly professional project management team ensures that projects are completed ahead of the plant schedules bench marked by our peers.

Single Drum, Multi Fuel, High Pressure Industrial Boilers

Benefits of Hi-Tech Single Drum Boilers Over Conventional Bi-Drum Boilers

  • Simple in Construction
  • High Ligament efficiency
  • Reduced drum thickness
  • High Residence time due to Tall Furnace.
  • Bigger economizer allows more heat extraction from flue gases
  • Better Circulation due to unheated downcomers
  • Less soot accumulation on tubes due to parallel flow of flue gases
  • No soot accumulation on Drum
  • Tube panels can be repaired individually.
  • Quick installation due to single drum design.
  • Reduced manpower requirement for Erection
  • Single Drum with welded boiler bank avoids tube expansion & leakages.

Product Range of Boilers

  • Traveling / Dumping grate fired boilers
  • Fluidized Bed boilers
  • Waste Heat Recovery boilers
  • Water Tube Package boilers
  • Fire Tube boilers

Fuel Compatibility of Hi-Techs

  • Fossil: Coal, Lignite, Oil, Natural Gas
  • Biomass: Bagasse, Rice Husk, Wood Chips, Cotton Stalk, Cane Trash & pith, Other Agro Wastes
  • Gases: Blast Furnace Gas, CO Gas, Bio-Gas.

Advantages of Hi-Tech Designed Boiler

  • Ease of Operation
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Less Erection Time
  • Highly Responsive
  • Less Maintenance Cost
  • Best in Class Efficiency

Baggase Handling System

Hi-Tech has designed and supplied large bagasse handling systems for sugar plants specially with cogeneration projects. The system consists of mechanically spreading surplus bagasse in the storage yard and simultaneous reclamation of the same for the boiler feed as an when required.


Salient Features

Hitech mills have been carefully designed and crafted to meet best of the performance efficiencies at toughest working conditions. Some of the salient features of Hitech mills are:

  • The head stocks are robust and extremely sturdy capable of handling fluctuating loads at ease.
  • Top roller is free floating type which adds substantially to milling efficiency.
  • The head stock has been designed with a provision for a commodating additional fourth roller / under feed roller as and when required for enhanced crushing rate & better efficiencies.
  • Another striking feature is the fact that the head stocks can accommodate short length pressure chutes and pressure feeders.

Process House Design

With worldwide thrust on energy saving, we have especially designed highly efficient equipments in the process-house to ensure most judicious use of thermal, mechanical and electrical energy. Entire saving here contributes to saving in bagasse consumption facilitating production of extra power and thereby extra revenge generation. We also have designed and supplied plants for production of refined sugar in Conjunction with plantation white sugar with the option of switching over from one to another, as per market requirements.

Integrated Instrumentation and Automation Systems

Hi-Techs has developed DCS based automation solution for entire Sugar Plant from Cane unloading to Sugar Packaging inclusive of:

  • Automation and central control of entire milling operations
  • Automation and controls of boilers
  • Fully automated power evacuation systems for cogeneration
  • Auto PH control system
  • Auto juice flow stabilization
  • Auto level control at Evaporators
  • Automation of batch and continuous pans and condensers
  • Auto vapor stabilization system

Integration of these automated systems not only enhance performance efficiencies but also reduce dependence on manual operations which are prone to errors.

40MW Co-Generation Projects for Sugar & Allied Industries

Hi-Techs has successfully executed co-gen project of 20.M.W. and now has built-in capability of designing co-gen. projects to the tune of 100 M.W. There is also in-house expertise of designing entire electrical switch yards for export of power to the grid. The management of energy in the entire plant ensuring its economic usage is done with the sole aim of maximizing saving and finally for its export to the National Grid for generation of extra revenue.

Rural Electrification Projects

With the experience gained from the cogeneration projects and persistent R&D in this field, Hi-Techs has also entered the infrastructure sector by way of executing projects pertaining to transmission of LT and HT Power Lines & relevant structures, most commonly known as Rural Electrification Projects.