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About Us

It was almost two decades back in 1993 when an organisation by the name of Hi-TECH was conceived and founded. The initial investment and scale of operation were very modest. It was the zeal and dynamism in approach and honesty at the core of business values that defined the progressive growth path. Since then the organisation has taken great strides ahead and today stands at the fore-front of Indian Sugar Plant manufacturers. The organisation has developed core competency in execution of turn-key engineering as well as EPC projects and has over the years developed a successful and unmatched track record in comprehensive project execution and coordination in a well-defined time-frame.

Company Profile

Management team of Hi-Tech has the experience of having executed more than 40 projects in India and abroad, mainly in Sugar Plant and Machinery including power Generation, Co-Generation and other fields like steel, electric traction, non-conventional Energy Sources, etc. Hi-Tech has got capability especially in terms of projects engineering and turnkey project execution related to sugar and it's by products industries in India.

The project management philosophy, evolved based on our over two decades of rich experience at various sites, is primarily woven around achieving the objectives of executing the job as per schedule and in conformity with specified contract requirements and of desired quality and providing for an effective planning and monitoring mechanism to enable make on-course corrections and a system providing for a single line of communication for project authorities.


  • Establishment Year : 1993
  • Manpower : 950 (150 Technical Staff, 100 Non-Technical staff, 150 Supervisors, 250 Skilled workers, 300 Unskilled workers including contractors)
  • Chairman & Managing Director : Sanjay Awate
  • ISO 9001: 2008 NFCSF for Boiling House Equipments NCDC for Mill House Equipments IBR for High pressure Steam Generator Equipments